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Identify Facility Issues

Before they become Costly Liabilities

In less than 15 minutes anyone on your team can do an inspection that is customized to your needs with all information in one centralized cloud-based location.  Most companies start with pavement, landscaping, snow service and roofing inspection/audits.



Our web-based software is easily accessible to devices with internet connection, enabling secure storage and sharable reports.

Real-time Snapshots

Prolong and protect facilities by identifying issues with descriptive images of the condition of each location.


Robust Analytics

Transform on-the-ground problems to data-driven, actionable business insights with our powerful breakdowns and data analysis.

Overview of ProSiteAudit

Identifying facility issues can be simple and fun!  We have created a standard communication tool that enables you, your team and contractors a simple way to communicate, report and share issues…all can easily be customized to your needs.

Inspection/Audit Example On-Site

This video example will demonstrate the experience onsite of using any device connected to the internet to perform a custom inspection/audit.

With ProSiteAudit, anyone is able to identify, describe, and share real-time facility conditions. Any employee with a web-enabled device can complete professional audits without training by tapping, dragging, and taking pictures–actions they already know. In a fraction of the time it is done today an entire facility could be audited and shared with facility managers & more.

Click the play button to see how easy it is!

Restaurant Inspection/Audit Example

We will show you how you can find all issues on your site across 1 or 5,000 locations in a day or 2.

Custom Audits on-site for:

Parking Lots | Landscaping | Snow Service| Roofing | ADA

A simple way to communicate, report, and share facility audits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProSiteAudit?

ProSiteAudit is a cloud-based tool that simplifies the communication, reporting and sharing of real-time property issues that are reported back to one centralized place.  Currently, a reactive system (almost never proactive) of calling, emailing, sending out contractors to report issues such as pavement, landscaping, roofing, ADA Liability, Snow + many more issues with a mess of paper, inefficient processes, and time waste—resulting in no industry standard of pavement and landscape review and assessment— plagues facility managers and complicates the process of reporting an issue and fixing it.

Now find out in the next 2 hours or days how many pothole, sidewalk issues, catch basin hazards, dead bushes & trees….and so on at 1 or 40,000 of your restaurant or office locations…ProSiteAudit is a proactive solution providing maps, pictures and zones showing sq.ft  and much more… all in one centralized location? See it, share it and fix it better, faster, and easier!

ProSiteAudit is a cloud-based system that enables you to add your property locations, create groups & campaigns and then send audits to your managers, facility managers of anyone you wish to create a real-time review of all pavement or landscape audits in minutes.

How Does it Work?

Click Here to See Process of ProSiteAudit

It does not matter is you have 5 locations or 50,000 our team can have you ready to execute in a simple manner usually in less than 1 hour!

  • upload the locations of each site as well as the contact name & email of who the audit will be sent.
  • create a campaign | for instance all the Restaurants in Ohio, Ky & Michigan
  • Email campaign using one of our templates or modify and create your own.  This can be sent from anyone at your organization.
  • Audit are completed at each site with all info that you may/maynot require.  You can be notified of the completion as it happens, daily, weekly etc with simple, detailed reports.  For the properties that do not comply with the audit requests, no worries we have timely reminder notices sent.
  • Reporting is robust and detailed.  You have the ability to edit an audit as well as dispatch the audit our to vendors to see, shape, build and price as you may require.

ProSiteAudit enables paperless inspections to be recorded directly onto mobile devices directly in the field or any desktop of all issue on the property for asphalt, concrete and landscape areas.  This data is then automatically uploaded and stored on the cloud to show in real-time all the results of one to 100,000 locations.

Data is stored securely and free of charge and kept indefinitely. Using ProSiteAudit will assist you in efficiently maintaining safe, properly reviewed pavement,  landscaped and surrounding areas while retaining valuable information (including photos) in the events of defending against insurance claims or analyzing data to assist with making future purchasing decisions.

Examples of Audits
  1. This is an audit conducted in the field at a Chase Bank.  11 of these were completed by 1 person in Chicago with less than 1 minute of training:  CLICK TO SEE AUDIT
  2. Campaign Example:  You send off 12 audits to a group of properties.  See an example of one of many reports showing the results in a simple manner so that now you can gather facts and then set a strategy to execute a smart solution.  CLICK TO SEE CAMPAIGN EXAMPLE
Property Owners | Benefit & Use

We believe and have proof that if you give your on-site team a simple tool to help them, the company and make a difference in a simple manner they will do it!  With images, reports and the ability to source this 90% better than you do it today…and this is just the start!

  • Right Now how many potholes do you think you have at all of your locations?
  • What are your landscaping issues such as dead trees, bushes, standing water + more?
  • ProActive | Reactive: How do you identify, dispatch, fix and verify the results in a simple, cost-effective way?
  • Landscape Reviews: How much time do you spend calling, emailing and sharing where all the weeds and landscape issues are…we know there is time-consuming back and forth frustrating steps?
  • Snow Review: How can a site level person in less than a couple minutes mark areas of danger with ice, take a picture and send to the contractor to immediately remedy?
  • The people on your site know more than almost anyone else when it comes to pavement & landscaping issues…they just have no simple tool to communicate it, ask us to show you how in a couple minutes!

For less than $100/site/year you will save more than $5,000, we can demonstrate how.  Asset Preservation with Cost-Minimization, we have the tool.

Who Are We? | Why Should You Care?

There’s always a better way! It just takes someone to take the first step.

In the case of ProSiteAudit, it was a group of senior construction and facility industry experts and technology pioneers with decades of experience developing real-time forecasting and property audit solutions for pavements and landscaping at multi-site properties. In the fall of 2015, we launched ProSiteAudit® .

Our Vision: was to provide property managers/owners and their suppliers with simple collaboration tools and analytics that truly helped to move the needle by making how property managers and suppliers work together smarter and more effectively with parking lots, landscaping, snow services + more. Now, you can add as many categories of audits (pavement, landscaping, roofing, drainage, pond management, waterways, snow services + more) ProSiteAudit  enables you to communicate real-time conditions to landlords with simple, time dated stamped reports that are emailed to one or many recipients.

Our Experience: We get contractors, property owners, and executive team members.  We have been in the pavement industry for more than 20-years working with almost every property manager, retailer, restaurant & hotel chain.  Our team has deep consumer insights and by working with such firms as P&G, Kroger, Disney, Banana Republic, GSK, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kraft Foods, AirFrance + more by building & managing billion-dollar brands while creating the largest privately held global brand, package design firm–we get your needs and issues and now can demonstrate how this will better your facility’s bottom line.

More than 4 years ago we created a simple tool that enables paving contractors to create amazing customer centric proposals that have changed the industry for the better.  More than 3,500 proposals/day are being delivered with a simple, collaborative tool enabling the contractor, property owner and customers to minimize the frustrations with pavement design, maintenance & construction.  Pavement Layers & WheelitOff are 2 tools that have made the industry better, and we are just getting started!

Our team has worked with many of the National Pavement Firms in North America as well as many of the largest, most progressive paving companies to help them see, shape and build a better business.

The Opportunity: There is a gap that enables properties a simple was to communicate, report and share real-time conditions that will save considerable time, money, frustrations and accountability…we have created the simple process & tool where what would take you months or years to do haphazardly, now will take minutes.


When your firm is contacted for quotation, now you can qualify it better for your firm while giving your prospective customer an experience they will enjoy.  With ProSiteAudit, now your prospect will enter their information and do the first fly by of their property while providing an audit with locations, zones and images of any issue they may have.

After submission of the audit, you as well as your prospect will receive an email with a link of the exact audit completed.  Now you will have all the details prior to meeting and putting together a scope of work.


What is the Cost?

For the National Property Owner:

  • There is a fee per site based on the quantity of locations. Fees are per audit based on the frequency and number of locations.  Contact Us anytime for a simple quote.  We have National Platinum Partners who are authorized licensees for this service as well.
  • There are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES and everything is included such as set up, distribution of emails to all your sites, strategy, data analysis, next steps & much more.
  • Licensing Unlimited Use:  You can also purchase unlimited use to use for pavement, landscaping, snow, roofing by contacting us directly.


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